About a week ago, I saw an ad on Instagram about Olympus has an event in Øksnehallen, Copenhagen, where they give you a camera and you can take pictures at 14 art stages… I like this kind of clever product promotion so decided to register to the event.

We came to the location Sunday afternoon and we got our cameras (an Olympus PEN and PEN-F). After we entered the playground the first stop was a VR experience, then the photography stages were actually pretty inspiring. Olympus has also camera experts and exhibition at the location. Some images from the event:

Just a small review about the cameras. The Olympus PEN is a great series of cameras often used by beauty bloggers and girls. I loved the “retro looking” form factor and how easy to handle it. Great price and great features mostly for beginners. The real new thing was the PEN-F where all manual controls are under the user's fingertip and actually the buttons and control wheels positioned very well. I think this camera looks nice and the features are nice too for a street photographer or someone who travels a lot, but the PEN-F’s price is more than double the PEN’s price and it still has a 4/3 sensor and if you take videos often then the PEN-F only supports 1080p at 30fps, so the price-value ratio is not that good as the PEN’s (maybe this short time of testing didn't give the opportunity to explore all capabilities of the camera), but still a very good choice for someone who wants to have a great looking camera with good manual control capabilities.