Hi, I'm Krisztian Tabori!

Creative professional from Copenhagen - UI/UX design, photography and traveling. Dixa & Traveloth

Dubai 18'
Wonderful week in Dubai, UAE
March, 2018
It’s not a secret that the Canary Islands belong to my favorite places in the whole world and my huge dream is to visit all of the islands or move there later. Last year I visited Gran Canaria and now I was on Fuerteventura, which is the second largest island of the archipelago.
September, 2017
Sunset Photography
I had the chance several times in the near past, when I had to photograph either the sunset or the sunrise. There is nothing better than gettin up early when the city is still sleeping and the beach is almost completely mine and I only break the silence with the clicks.
September, 2017
Mittagszeit™ Nov 17'
"Mittagszeit" means lunch time in German, and with this name I wanted to make clear that this is some short, quick designs with nice colors and new technics.
November, 2017
Dixa for iOS 17'
Brings the Dixa customer service platform to your iPhone for free. The Dixa iPhone app is for customer service agents on the move. The app is free and requires a Dixa account to work.
January, 2018
User interfaces in movies
Maybe it’s a bad habit because of my job, but if I see a user interface in a movie, I instantly start to analyze it. In some cases I found them okayish, but unfortunately in most of the cases these interfaces were very unrealistic, embarrassing and in the reality totally unusable.
August, 2017
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